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We provide customised individual & group coaching sessions in CONSTRUCTIVE LEADERSHIP for leaders, managers & management trainees working in charities, social enterprises & public sector organisations across Scotland. We will also provide train the trainer workshops for people with leadership & management development responsibilities.

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Group Coaching

 We can custom group sessions on CONSTRUCTIVE LEADERSHIP to suit your needs, and deliver them in your preferred format. 

Individual Coaching

We can use the CONSTRUCTIVE LEADERSHIP development framework to create bespoke coaching programmes that empower individuals to unlock latent talent and optimise performance & wellbeing.

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Personality Profiling

We can facilitate individual & group personality profiling sessions using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality profiling tool. These sessions can augment CONSTRUCTIVE LEADERSHIP sessions by building a deeper knowledge & understanding of different personality types. MBTI sessions can also be facilitated as stand-alone events if required.   

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